Friends of survivor raised 30 lakh Rupees for Bone Marrow Transplant

Friends of survivor raised 30 lakh Rupees for Bone Marrow Transplant

by Sushanth Kodela

Posted on November 21, 2017 02:11PM

Mangilal Tejavath hails from a remote tribal village Chinna Banjara Thanda in Khamman district of Telangana state. His familys sole income is based on agriculture from two acres of land they own, even this income is not steady to support a family of three siblings and his parents. Mangilal has always been a bright student from his school days and excelled by scoring 9.8 GPA in10th standard and 97.5% in intermediate. He achieved all of this without ever attending any coaching classes or even having access to quality education. He secured admission in the prestiguous NIT, Warangal and was pursuing a bachelors degree in engineering from electronics and communication engineering.

Mangilal had only one dream, to be the son who would help and support his family financially. His determination to support his family is what drove him to excel at education despite his limited resources and means. However a cancer diagnosis meant his dream of being a supportive son to his family might never be accomplished and this fear drove him into depression and made him feel helpless. He was unsure about his future, lacked necessary guidance from his doctors about his treatment and its potential outcome. 

It was during this time Mangilal approached unCancer India and when we immediately guided him for a second opinion and encouraged him to raise funds aware that he was only able to access limited treatment due to his financial constraints. Mangilal was too reluctant to seek support from his friends, he was lost in despair and almost resigned to his fate. However keeping it helped keeping a conversation with him open, eliciting enough information to understand where he stands and what is needed to be done to move him further along the continuum of care. 

Around same time during the maintenance phase of his treatment his cancer returned back. When he consulted his doctors with complaints they would simply ask him to go back home without necessary guidance. Despite preparing Mangilal with the questions he need to ask his doctors and how to assert himself he couldn't manage the necessary response that was desired by him from his doctors. Mangilal thought that this is the end of the road for him but he certainly didn't want to give up on his life. At this point of time we have encouraged him to seek help from his college and administration as we were certain that with a strong network of alumni his peers would be able to raise necessary funds. 

His peers at National Institue of Technology, Warangal were remarkable as they took this task upon themselves. We at unCancer India requested his friends to share with us about how they managed to raise and meet the fund requirement and support for Mangilal. 

"Hi everyone. We are college friends of Mangilal. First of all we are indebted for your concern on our friend and your quick response for our request. Thank you is a small word for the way you are supporting us. Now Mangilal has completed his two cycles of chemotherapy and has to undergo further treatment which takes about 2 months."

When Mangilal's family got to know that he has blood cancer, Acute leukemia, they were in confused state of what to do next. Treatment in a private hospital for his cancer takes about a 40 lakhs.We students contacted our college Director and collected about an amount of 5 lakhs by cutting small amounts from students fee. But Mangilal preferred getting treatment from a government hospital as what may be the hospital, but treatment is the same.

He was good until when he knew that even after some chemotherapy cycles in that hospital, his blood has 90% cancer cells. Later he got discharged, tried for some private treatment and contacted with CMC Vellore where again he learned that he need 35 to 40 lakhs for the total treatment. Learning this he lost hope, ignored thinking about any other options and went back to his home. That was the time when we felt miserable for our friend and felt desperate in saving him out of this situation. We divided among ourselves for doing different ways. Meeting our director sir for getting any college funds, tried tweeting his situation along with proofs to different ministers and celebrities who were frequently seen at social service. And other way we tried is donations. Our college has some 5000 students and we arranged an empty bank account, a paytm account, posted it in our student council facebook group, to donate and share the same to their friends. In a way to spread this post more, we requested some hindi and telugu comedy facebook pages to share it in their page such that more people can reach it. And in this process, while requesting a facebook page, the admin suggested crowdfunding. It didn't take much time to know what is crowdfunding and how to run one on our own. Googled about some crowdfunding websites, and we got Milaap, a Bangalore based crowdfunding website that can accept donations from rupees and dollars, by paytm also. Milaap takes the money donated to it through all ways, converts them to the currency into how the fundorganiser prefers and sends those donations whenever requested. And the transfer of money or managing the money goes confidential between Milaap and the fundorganiser.  Apart from these, we got about a 2 lakh as a response of our post. Our college Alumni took interest in this as managing money and treatment would be not so easy for students. Alumni also collected about 6 to 7 lakhs and are in constant contact with us. They also arranged a guesthouse for Mangilal's family at Vellore before Mangilal got admitted into CMC. Now we and our Alumni are managing the situation by sending money required at each stage to Vellore CMC account, knowing the updates from Mangilal and the doctors. Our alumni and some of us went there two times, met Mangilal and also talked with the doctors there. We are hoping for the best and his full recovery very soon." 

Currently Mangilal is undergoing treatment at CMC vellore, he still continues to face issues with accommodation, blood donors for transfusion. We have to mention that students from Vellore Institute of Technology have come forward several times to donate blood for Mangilal. 

We at unCancer India thank the students, alumni and adminstration of National Institue of Technology, Warangal. We are grateful to the students at Vellore Institue of Technology, Vellore for coming foward to donate blood. We also thank so many individuals who merely upon reading the story of a campaign page donated generously without whose generosity Mangilal would have found it impossible to overcome his hardships. We hope together we can help many other individuals in the near future by reaching out to more compassionate souls out there. 

Note: We receive requests for funds on a daily basis and we don't even succeed in 1% of the cases. As a small growing organisation we find it difficult to help or respond to every individual who approach us as we have limited resources and funds. However we are constantly trying to prove and build a strong case for investors, donors, philanthropies and organisations about our plans to build a platform that can assist cancer patients overcome challenges. 

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