unCancer India is a platform that envisions to provide support & care to anyone who is afflicted with Cancer by helping resolve challenges in path of their treatment and cancer journey.
Our Team
Sushanth Kodela
Sushanth Kodela survived one of the rarest forms of cancer Adrenal Cortical Carcinoma; having survived the disease he realised that it takes more than treatment and support from doctors to recover from treatment and regain confidence to live life to your full potential. His mission for unCancer India is to ensure that care and support is readily available to cancer patients and families whenever required no matter what challenge they are facing.
Chirag Kumar Shanker
Chirag had a roller coaster ride when he was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma. It took the support of his entire family to ensure that he overcame his challenges from Cancer. There are several gaps in delivery of care in our ecosystem which are not fulfilled by hospitals or doctors, one cannot move forward in their treatment without access to support as and when required by patient.
Our Services
  1. Navigation Support
Our goal is to ensure movement of patient across treatment journey, achieving positive outcomes. Whatever the challenge we make an effort to help resolve.
  1. Financial Assistance
Health equity for all. Quality care and treatment should be accessible to everyone. Arranging financial assistance is an everyday mission.
  1. Medical Assistance
Medical opinion whenever required because distance cannot be a barrier in accessing best possible treatment for your loved ones.
  1. Cancer Community
Building a strong community is the way forward to spread awareness, hope and inspire others to help beat cancer. .
Our Supporters
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